Thursday, April 11, 2013

Government Theft 201

From The Fleecing of California's Gun Purchasers

This week, the California State Assembly Appropriations Committee will be considering a measure that demonstrates the absolute worst in government incompetence and thievery. SB 140 (Leno) outright steals money from a fund entirely paid for (and supposedly dedicated to) law-abiding gun owners to fund the Department of Justice’s (DOJ) failed firearms enforcement program.

When originally imposed on California citizens, the DROS fee was mandated to " no more than is necessary..." for the California DOJ to perform the specific duties of background checks and registration. However,

For years, the Department has unlawfully over-collected DROS fees from law-abiding gun owners -- gun owners who spent money and time to comply with the law and submit to the background check process. Where the DROS fees should have been lowered years ago to account for the massive surplus (basically, unconstitutionally assessed taxed), the DOJ has stubbornly refused to lower the fees in spite of substantial evidence of their bad faith accounting.

The man who steal with a gun risks being injured by his victim and is usually branded a criminal and outlaw. The man who steals with a pen risks little: He has the power of the state on his side and is often rewarded with public office. The latter is clearly the case here. When the government starts raiding funds it collected in contravention of the law, it becomes an example of exactly why we Americans have guns in the first place.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

I see Stupid People.

Lets get this straight.

A couple of DeeJays in Florida pulled an April Fools joke by telling thier listeners that a chemical called "dihydrogen monoxide" was coming out of their taps. The more common name for "dihydrogen monoxide" is H2O or just plain water.

Some of the listeners panicked.

Florida country radio morning-show hosts Val St. John and Scott Fish are currently serving indefinite suspensions and possibly worse over a successful April Fools' Day prank. They told their listeners that "dihydrogen monoxide" was coming out of the taps throughout the Fort Myers area. Dihydrogen monoxide is water.

The popular deejays are mainly in all this trouble (potentially of a felony level) because their listeners panicked so much — about the molecular makeup of their drinking water, however unwittingly — that Lee County utility officials had to issue a county-wide statement calming the fears of chemistry challenged Floridians.

Two lesson here. First, the folks listening to that show must have an average IQ somewhere between dumb and dumber. Second, the DA must either be equally stupid or simply evil if he or she even considered pressing charges against the two for telling the truth. Since when is it a crime to tell the truth?

Apparently the two are back on the air and charges are unlikely. That does not absolve the dummies of their stupidity.

Florida DJs May Face Felony for April Fools' Water Joke Worse Than Rubio's