Saturday, August 31, 2013

"Disorderly Conduct" strikes again.

Men with rifles charged in 'open carry' demonstration at Starbucks

I know there are gun owners who believe it is wrong to carry a gun to make a political point -- even if it is legal. Then there are guys like the above who get arrested because they won't stay in the closet. The San Antonio Police are justifying it by claiming "disorderly conduct".

However, San Antonio police Chief William McManus explained that the gun holder can still be charged with disorderly conduct if anyone, at any point, feels threatened.

So, if anyone feels threatened by a gay couple will the SAPD arrest them? How about a woman who "feel threatened" by anti-abortion protesters? Not likely in either case. This really just looks like like the police are using the "disorderly conduct" loophole to discourage people they disapprove of.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Arm the Citizen; Disarm the Police?

This is some interesting information. By itself it doesn't prove anything but it is evidence that armed citizens are a better deterrent to crime than a police force.

Despite the decline [in number of police officers], you have never been safer in Michigan from serious crimes in a decade.

People don’t get robbed as much, or assaulted, or raped. Cars thefts are rarer by half. Your wallets and purses are less likely to be taken. At the same time, there are fewer police in your neighborhood.

It is an enigma for cops, who hope more officers mean less crime.

The MLive investigation analyzed a decade of police manpower and crime statistics in the state since 2003. The analysis covered more than 500 departments, and 2.3 million reported crimes.

The conclusion was surprising. Even as communities bemoan the loss of sworn officers, serious crimes continue to drop in most places across the state.

Fewer cops, less crime: MLive investigation finds Michigan safer even as police numbers decline

This might also explain some of the hostility that more than a few cops exhibit towards "civilians" carrying firearms outside the home. Perhaps they intuitively understand that more armed citizens means less crime and that threatens their jobs.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

The first rule of the Police State...

is you do not talk about the Police State.

FBI interrogated man after comment about American “Police State” on Facebook

Maybe his comment was little excessive but I know more than a few people who share the sentiment. There is a pervasive belief in the United States that law enforcement has grown too zealous at enforcing increasingly arbitrary laws. Billy Beck's famous quote is sounding more-and-more like a prophecy.

Cooper said that he was told that without “defusing the situation” by complying with the interview, his house might have been raided.

That may have just bravado an posturing from the Feebs. On the other hand, the government does have the power to make a person disappear.

The irony of the situation is that Cooper’s concerns of the USA becoming a police state were actually validated by the fact that the federal government launched an investigation over his frustrated Facebook comment, showing up with detailed records on his family and their internet activity.
Irony indeed.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

'Try God' Billboard Vandalized

Article is here

Normally I don't bother with this kind of stuff but this part tickled me

He did admit he wasn't sure what the "the other white MEAT" meant.
  • Catholic radio station.
  • Transubstantiation.
  • I get it