Monday, October 31, 2011

Alliant's new 300MP powder in a carbine

About four weeks ago one of the local suppliers had some Alliant 300MP powder in stock so I bought a pound to try it out. Alliant lists 18.6 gr as the maximum charge for a 158 gr GDHP which I reduced by 10% to 16.7 gr for a starting load and 17.7 as an intermediate load if the lower load did not indicate any excessive pressure.

I finally got the range on Sunday to test them.

  • Gun = Marlin 1894C 18.5" barrel
  • Bullet = Magtech 158 gr JSP
  • Case = Federal 357 magnum
  • Primer = Winchester Small Pistol
  • Powder = Alliant 300 MP
  • Ambient temperature = 90F (prox)

Results from five measurements (feet/second):

Charge in grains Average Velocity Standard Deviation Maximum Velocity Minumum Velocity
16.7 1675 23 1684 1635
17.7 1765 24 1792 1736

None of the primers or cases showed any more indication of pressure than normal for a 357 magnum. In fact the Amercan Eagle 158 gr JSP (which clocked at almost exactly 1800 fps) had much flatter primers than the 300MP reloads.

All in all I am pretty impressed with the potential of this powder in a carbine.

No accuracy reports yet. About the time I was getting ready to try some guy started banging away with a neutered version of an M1919 and kicked up so much dust I just packed up and went home.

Monday, October 24, 2011

Twenty Five Years Ago

From Billy Beck

On this day, twenty-five years ago, Ronald Reagan signed the Income Tax Reform Act of 1986. Three months later and for the first time ever, my social security number was demanded by a prospective employer.

Do you understand?

For the first time in American history, it was illegal to work for a dollar without accounting for it to the United States Government.

I will never forgive Reagan for this atrocity, and it is why I do not tolerate anyone in my presence lauding his stand for "freedom".

To hell with him.

He also supported and signed the Mulford Act which was the beginning of the assault on the Second Amendment in California. Even if you can forgive his support for that POS (Oh no! Black peeples haz guns!) he supported the Brady Bill and even had the chutzpah to write an editorial for it in The New York Times.

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Million Dollar Gun

Not quite a million but getting close.

1836 Colt Revolver Sets World Record Price For A Single Firearm, Bringing $977,500 At Greg Martin Auctions/Heritage Auctions In Dallas
DALLAS, TX – An exceptional, rare and fine ivory-gripped Texas, or Holster Model No. 5, Paterson Revolver from the Al Cali Collection realized $977,500 as part of Greg Martin Auctions/Heritage Auctions Sept. 18 Signature® Arms & Armor Auction in Dallas, setting a world record price realized for a single Firearm sold at auction.

I've never been a collector of much of anything, much less firearms. If I have a gun I don't want to shoot, I'll sell or trade it to someone who does. Nevertheless, looking at this revolver I can understand, even if I don't share, the desire. This gun is really one beautiful piece of workmanship.

I wonder if a first generation Glock 17 will ever sell to a collector for whatever the equivalent of a million bucks will be in 175 years.

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Would You Like an Ass-whoopin' with Your Big Mac?

None of the parties in this incident are poster boys and girls for civilized behavior. The women were way out of line and they agressively invaded the employees' space. The male did appear to overreact and continue to use his weapon after the threat was -- maybe -- neutralized. However, even if this was self defense -- and it could be interpreted that way -- this happened in New York City where self defense is defacto outlawed. Add to that the male's felony conviction and I figure the guy is pretty well screwed.

Nevertheless, there is a lesson to take away from this: The animals are out there and they are walking your city streets.

Stunning Violence Inside Manhattan McDonald’s
(retrieved 10/15/2011 08:20 PT).

NEW YORK (CBSNewYork) — A fight over an order at a Manhattan McDonald’s leads to complete chaos and it was all caught on tape.

The video contains images and audio of a graphic nature.

Sources tell CBS 2’s Chris Wragge the stunning incident featured a cashier with a criminal past violently beating two female customers after they appear to provoke him by slapping him and then hopping the counter.

It was a horrific scene to watch. The cashier disappears into the back of the fast-food restaurant on West Fourth Street in Greenwich Village before returning with a metal rod he then used viciously on the two customers.

The gruesome act of violence early Thursday morning escalated after the customers argued and yelled obscenities at the cashier when he questioned a $50 bill they gave him.

One of the female customers then slapped the cashier. A woman is then seen jumping over the counter, while the other woman goes behind the register. They are then savagely attacked.

Other customers watched in horror as other McDonald’s workers tried unsuccessfully to stop the violence.

One female customer had a fractured skull that required surgery and a broken arm. The other has a deep laceration.

Rayon McIntosh, 31, was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault and criminal possession of a weapon. McIntosh served more than a decade in prison after shooting and killing a high school classmate in 2000. He was being held on $40,000 bail.

The female customers were reportedly charged with menacing, disorderly conduct and trespassing.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

The derringer re-imagined.

Hey, it's black (OK, dark grey), it's light and it is nice and slim so it conceals well. If the manufacturer can get it into a video game every mall ninja in America will want one.

For the time being I think I'll stick with my hokey, archaic 442.

H/T to the Mad Ogre

Monday, October 3, 2011

See? It's not just Hairy Palms.

Porn-Induced Sexual Dysfunction Is a Growing Problem

It used to be that articles on the "dangers" from pornography and the inevitable masturbation were mostly parodies of old wives tales: acne, blindness, infertility, and, of course, hair growing on the palms of the hands. All of those have been tested and found wanting by real science but the never ending quest to control human sexuality marches on. If hairy palms and blindness are not enough then lets scare you all with threats of elevated dopamine levels in the brain.

On the bright side, this offers a solution to the "problem" of Western Civilization being swept away by faster breeding cultures. Give them all free Internet access and lifetime accounts on