Thursday, October 15, 2009

FOIA Response About MIAC Report on Militias

In August of 2009, Nathan Paul Mehrens, counsel for American fro Limnueted Gvernet, sent a FOIA request to the Missouri Department of Public Safety requesting information about the MIAC report they released in February of the same year. Specifically Mr. Mehrens requested:
  1. All draft versions of the Report that exist;
  2. All data and all studies, reports, or other documents regarding data and any other background material created or reviewed by the MIAC in general to draft the Report;
  3. Name, title, grade, and salary of all personnel involved in drafting the Report;
  4. All records of communications and the communications themselves between any MIAC official and any private citizens, i.e., persons who are not MIAC or state employees regarding the Report prior to or contemporaneous with its drafting; and
  5. All records relating to information received from groups outside the MIAC that influenced the drafting of the Report.
Original here

From the response
  1. A copy of the only draft version of "Modern Militia Movement" MIAC Strategic Product is enclosed
  2. None.  Background materils was not retained by the author druign draftng.
  3. There is no record listing the individual who wrote the report 
  4. None.
  5. There are no records relating to information received from groups outside MIAC that influenced the drafting of the report.
Scanned copy here


"They" (whatever that means) don't know:
  1. Who wrote it
  2. Where the information came from.
  3. Who, if anyone, the author(s) interviewed about the subject.
Yet this report was sent to police department around the country as a legitimate warning.  Is there any doubt as to why many American no longer take the Department of Homeland Security seriously?

Hat tip to Sipsey Street Irregulars

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