Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Buy a Policy or Go to Jail

According to this and this (PDF), the new House "Health care" bill requires you either purchase an "acceptable" health insurance plan or be subject to criminal penalties.  However, it will be the IRS that will enforce this and they will probably opt for civil penalties whenever possible.  Once the IRS has determined you owe them, the burden of proof is reversed and you have to prove you don't.

Billy Beck emails me (quoted by permission)
They will play bloody hell at attempting to collect one thin dime from me.

*Never*. I will go to prison, first.

"For thirty years, I have cultivated my love of my native land, and I will neither expect nor miss your leniency." (Solzhenitsyn -- "Gulag")
Love 'im or hate 'im you have to admire his determination to live free.

More here.

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