Thursday, April 22, 2010

Concealed Weapons Permits in Oz

Interesting to see this idea floated here
Despite governments putting more and more police on the street in the CBD of melbourne and getting "tough" on crime, violence is still on the rise. Being under Common Law, Australians' rights are spelled out in the Magna Carta. One of the rights in the Magna Carta is self defense. In the U.S., carry concealed weapons permits have been successful in deterring criminal behaviour, and reducing crimes since potential victims are now able to defend themselves. Criminals think twice. The Liberals party should look at allowing law-abiding adults, with no criminal records the ability to carry concealed weapons in an effort to deter criminal behaviour.
Judging from the comments and my, admittedly incomplete, knowledge of Australian culture, I seriously doubt this will ever happen. The Government and criminal class in Australia have the citizens just about where they want them. I suspect that the crime victim in near future Australia will be forced to follow after his English brethren:  Reduced to hiding his head under the seat cushions in the hope the bad guys will mistake his ass for a bean bag chair.

H/T to David Codrea

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