Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Clip on a Cartridge of Bullets

The Contra Costa Times published a letter from a reader on Apr 4 advocating an end to open carry.
End open carry

According to the California Penal Code, "Every person who "... carries upon his or her person "... a switchblade knife having a blade two or more inches in length is guilty of a misdemeanor."

Yet there is no section of the California Penal Code that specifically prohibits open carry of an unloaded handgun, and carrying a loaded magazine separate from the handgun, as in a pocket, also is not prohibited under the penal code.

How many people can one crazed lunatic kill with a switch blade in under a minute? Two, three at the most? Yet that same lunatic can clip on a cartridge of bullets and mow down up to a dozen innocents in that same period of time using a gun that is legally worn at the hip.

Maybe our restrictions against lethal guns should be just as strong as they are against lethal knives. Maybe it is time to outlaw open carry.

Beth Jersey

How many can a knife weilding maniac kill in a minute? I don"t know and do not intend to find out. Some recent examples from the news indicate it is not as hard as Beth thinks it is.

In June of 2008 Tomohiro Kato injured 10 and killed seven in Tokyo in under three minutes.

Seven die in Tokyo knife attack rampage

Two weeks ago, Zheng Minsheng killed eight and wounded five in an early morning knife attack directed at elementary school students.

Man kills 8 pupils in China

How many people have UOCer's killed in California?


Maybe it is time to outlaw Open Stupidity.

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  1. The fundamental irony is that beth from concord is much more likely to be killed by the gun (or switchblade) she doesn't see than by the gun she does.

    That said, I find knife laws even more stupid and arbitrary than gun laws in most states. Even Indiana-and we are one of the better ones, I can walk around with a big knife on my belt not only without legal hassle but mostly without comment-but you still can't carry a throwing star or switchblade. You can own either one, but they are a no no for carrying. Anything else-axes, hatchets, machetes, big knives, even sword canes are all good to go like a buffalo.

    I don't remember any throwing star or switchblade massacres lately, so I guess the law is working, right?


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