Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Home Defense and the Intellectual Desert

Recently I was asked if a Desert Eagle would be a good home defense gun. I had to honestly answer that I didn't know enough about it to offer an informative opinion. I did get the impression the questioner was basing his judgments on what he saw on TV and from playing video games.

OK, if he wants a gun he can show off to his buddies and look kewl while doing it, then a Desert Eagle is definitely on the short list. After all the odds he will ever shoot it outside a range are pretty small. The Glock 22 is probably more practical and, I think, pretty in with the kewl kids too -- Dis be a Glock Fotay! I be the only Lolcat profsnal enuf to uze it!

On the other hand, If he wants a useful gun for home defense and can handle the derision from gamers and gun forum lolcats with vast experience at dispatching electronic zombies, get a S&W 686 or a Ruger GP-100. Heck, with a 6" bbl they even look pretty badazz.

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