Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Watch a Whale -- Go to Jail.

The Economist reports on the case of Nancy Black who is accused of violating the 1972 Marine Mammal Protection Act. Her crime was video recording a pod of orcas feeding on a grey whale calf they had just killed. Also because she gave the investigators a copy of the commercial video of the event, she is accused of tampering with the evidence.

You can read the artice at Another one in the net.

The saddest part of this and similar escapades is that there is no conspiracy. If there were one, then there would be an articulable evil to be angry at. However, these cases are just the consilience of a poorly written law (passed by lawmakers who probably never bothered to read it) giving broad powers to ambitious bureaucrats anxious to impress their higher ups. Lazy lawmakers and ambitious agents of the state combine to create even more misery than nature intended.

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  1. Christ on a cracker.

    Sometimes I think the EPA wrote the book on being a dick unnecessarily.


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