Monday, May 7, 2012

Rob Pincus on the Compact 1911

H/T to The Truth about Guns.

Grant Cunnningham also has some commentary on the subject.

My comments

A full-sized 1911 was one of my first handguns. I bought it largely on the recommendation of the experts writing for the the gun magazines. I finally got to where I could shoot it reasonably well but I never did -- and still do not -- care much for them.

I finally sold that first 1911 and bought a Glock. Once again because I listened to the experts who touted its high capacity and light weight. I sold that gun a year or so later. The Glock was far more reliable than the 1911 but about the same time I was starting to shoot DA revolvers -- a Ruger Security Six and a S&W Model 14 were my first two. Frankly, by comparison, the Glock was coitus interruptus but the 1911 was erectile dysfunction.

I still have a full-size Kimber I picked up cheap and a Spanish made 1911 clone I picked up even cheaper. I put maybe 100 rounds a year through each just to give me an excuse to clean and inspect them. I keep them to trade off when the SHTF.

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