Monday, July 2, 2012

More Commentary on the Zimmerman Case by Marty Hayes.

From the July 2012 Newsletter of the Armed Citizens Legal Defense Network.

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Hayes summarizes the statements made by Zimmerman after the shooting and covers how the media may be distorting the story. He also points out out how the the prosecution behavior in the case indicates the state may be out to get Zimmerman in any way possible.

The penultimate paragraph is instructive,

Lastly, as I write this, there has been another bond hearing to see if the judge would again grant bail for Zimmerman. The prosecution argued strenuously that they believed Zimmerman was the initial aggressor in the incident, and that at trial, Zimmerman would not have the right to claim self defense as a defense to the crime of second degree murder. In making this statement, the prosecution pretty much agreed that Zimmerman had the right to use deadly force because he was being assaulted, but they claim that because he started the altercation, he doesn’t have the right to claim self defense

Looks like the prosecution's strategy is to admit that Martin was beating on Zimmerman but try to get the judge to disallow a claim of self defense under the so-called Stand Your Ground law because Zimmerman started it. I don't know if Zimmerman, in his zeal to be a good citizen and help out law enforcement, told the cops enough to make the above strategy viable. That remains to be seen but, if he did, it is just one more example of why an honest citizen should tell the cops no more than absolutely necessary.

Always remember that anything you say can and will be taken out of context, reworded, remixed, and then used against you.

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