Friday, August 30, 2013

Arm the Citizen; Disarm the Police?

This is some interesting information. By itself it doesn't prove anything but it is evidence that armed citizens are a better deterrent to crime than a police force.

Despite the decline [in number of police officers], you have never been safer in Michigan from serious crimes in a decade.

People don’t get robbed as much, or assaulted, or raped. Cars thefts are rarer by half. Your wallets and purses are less likely to be taken. At the same time, there are fewer police in your neighborhood.

It is an enigma for cops, who hope more officers mean less crime.

The MLive investigation analyzed a decade of police manpower and crime statistics in the state since 2003. The analysis covered more than 500 departments, and 2.3 million reported crimes.

The conclusion was surprising. Even as communities bemoan the loss of sworn officers, serious crimes continue to drop in most places across the state.

Fewer cops, less crime: MLive investigation finds Michigan safer even as police numbers decline

This might also explain some of the hostility that more than a few cops exhibit towards "civilians" carrying firearms outside the home. Perhaps they intuitively understand that more armed citizens means less crime and that threatens their jobs.

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