Thursday, September 5, 2013

New Bill Seeks to Criminalize Gun Owners (again)

State Senator Rod Wright (D-Inglewood) introduced a bill (SB363) which will expand the so-called "safe-storage" law "to those who know or should know they are living with someone who is not allowed to possess a firearm.

Bill would expand state's gun-storage requirement

This is another of those proposals that sound reasonable on the surface. However, there is a catch:

The state's list of people who cannot legally own weapons includes those who have a felony or violent misdemeanor conviction; a determination that they are mentally unstable; or a domestic violence restraining order. The list is confidential and used for law-enforcement purposes.

So, in practice, a gun owner can be prosecuted for living with a prohibited person but the database with the information on who is prohibited is confidential. Sounds more like a blatant attempt at entrapment.

In a way this is a good thing. Not the law itself -- it's stupid squared -- but what such a desperate, underhanded attempt means. The antis are losing and they know it. I look for more laws trying to entrap peaceable gun owners using pathetic strategies like storage requirements and ammunition restrictions. Heller and MacDonald decisions took gun bans off the table. Now the wannabe fascists with their "guns for me but not for thee" fantasies ware trying get as many licks in as they can before the courts finally slap them down. They are hoping that if they throw enough shit against the wall and some of the stink will soak in and stay there.

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