Thursday, November 27, 2014

Massachusetts Under Siege from...Gangs of Turkeys?

So it would appear:

Brookline residents on the lookout for aggressive turkeys

BROOKLINE, Mass. (WHDH) - Residents of a Brookline neighborhood are on the lookout for turkeys, and not just the best deals at their local grocery store. A flock of turkeys has been harassing residents and even attacked a group of school kids.

“The turkeys started to run after my kids and then they pecked at a car,” Jay Hafner said. “They just attack whatever comes by, they're territorial I guess.”

Brookline Animal Control says they've had several calls about the seasonal birds.

Police say a crossing guard had to call for help this morning after one flock got into the road.

Marilyn Carmona says the turkeys tried to attack her last week.

“There was like six or seven of them, and as I went around the mailbox they went around and they started chasing me into the street and I screamed for help,” she said.

Last year police had to remove one male turkey that went after a mail carrier in town.

Massachusetts was one of the places where the unique American version of individual liberty was forged. It was home to men like Sam Adams and Paul Revere. Now the residents are disarmed and so intimidated by their overlords that they have to fear gangs of roving turkeys.

I hope you have happy Thanksgiving anyways.

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