Friday, July 1, 2016

Cultural Uplift and Evolution

This is a pretty good post by Ex-Army. I am sometimes critical of him but I think his heart is in a good place.

Though he hints at it I think he misses how important is the interaction between culture and evolution. There is a feedback loop between the two. (I am tempted to type "synergy" but that word is misused too often). For example, a factor in Western Civilization was the practice of primogeniture in the early and high middle ages. By forcing younger sons to find their own way, it allowed the genes from the upper classes to propagate into the lower classes. That probably helped raised average intelligence of the population and eventually gave rise to the middle class.

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  1. Critical of me? How? When? Where? Probably pretty mild, given what you say here :) Quite right about culture and evolution influencing the dickens out of each other, and I should indeed take pains to point that out when appropriate. That's especially interesting when a trait like altruism evolves into being with positive results, but is generalized in the culture till it becomes DYSgenic.


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