Thursday, December 29, 2016

Arnold Schwarzenegger Lets Loose On Facebook

Recently, someone posted a link to a rather silly Facebook screed from California's ex-governor Arnold Schwarzenegger. A few minutes of fact-checking reveal some seriously misleading numbers. For example:

Seven million persons die each year because of pollution.

About 6 million of those 7 million deaths associated with pollution are in the relatively low income regions of South-East Asia and the Western Pacific Nations. Additionally, over half (55%) of that 6 million are related to *indoor* pollution not outdoor pollution. So, while the number is technically correct it is also misleading.

California gets 40% pf its power from "renewable" sources.

The California Energy Commission reported the percentage of in-State electricity generation for 2015 as

Small hydro1.2%
Large hydro5.9%
Natural gas59.9%

So about 70% is from non "renewable" sources leaving only 30% to fill out Arnie's 40% claim. If out-of-State source are also considered, the percentage of renewable sources drops to 22%.

I leave it as an exercise for the student to debunk the rest of it.

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  1. Come all in with your proof. It is never up to anyone else to prove or disprove your wild claims.

    I live on a planet with Hydrogen therefore the sun being made of hydrogen = I live on a sun.


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