Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Holy Smoke!

The good folks over at BurnTheKoran link to an article on HillBuzz criticizing General David Petraeus out for his comments on Pastor Terry Jones' threat last month to burn a Koran as part of his September 11 observances. In one of the comments, someone named Aussie writes in part:
The Koran is seen as a 'holy book' and it should be respected as such.
It is never a good idea to hand an Armed, Godless Heathen a straight line like that.

In the interest of fairness I propose a test: I'll burn a Douay Bible, a King James Bible, a Book of Mormon and a Koran. My hypothesis predicts that:
  1. Some Catholics will call me names.
  2. Some Protestants will call me names.
  3. Some Mormons will call me names.
  4. Muslims will go ape shit and riot.
Any takers?

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