Sunday, October 10, 2010

Tasteless, Terrorist Street Art

I don't know the context of this yet. I could be harmless.

H/T to Burn The Koran For Freedom and Urban Infidel

Edited to add:
Thank to USA2RKBA for the link to Fresh Stuff from Bunny Bin Laden. I guess whomever Bunny Bin Laden is he or she thinks this is funny. Like the hooker in Saigon who charged fifty cents for a blowjob, her taste was all in her mouth.


  1. Apparently some believe this image to be funny, cute or witty.
    This appears to be the source:
    Google images show at least a couple other similar graphics with different fonts. Seems "bombing" is messing up the property of someone else with spray painted "art". It's also a message that is easily misinterpreted. Not really funny, cute or witty on any level.

  2. Thanks, USA2RKBA. I added your reference to the original post.


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