Thursday, November 11, 2010

Blogger Bob from the TSA

Blogger Bob who seems to troll blogs looking for anything remotely critical of the TSA poked his head out of his hole to respond to a question about the treatment of passengers who don't care to be scanned by one of the Government's newest invasive toys, the Whole Body Imaging Scanner:
Anon, I'm posting about this because it is relevant. One of the top questions on this blog is about AIT safety.

Also, there is no fondling, squeezing, groping, or any sort of sexual assault taking place at airports. You have a professional workforce carrying out procedures they were trained to perform to keep aviation security safe.

Please keep pat-down discussions in the Enhanced Pat-down post and let's keep on topic with AIT safety here.


Blogger Bob
TSA Blog Team
While thinking about a proper response to the above tripe I found a gem by Billy Beck:
Dear Bob

You are an unconscionable idiot. You don't have a clue in the world what's going on out there. I would not hire you or your perverted goons to take out my trash, and I would rather take my chances with the terrorists. Those bastards don't look me in the face and lie to me like you do.

I can't wait until you're out on a winter-blown sidewalk, starving and trying to sell pencils for a living. I'll spit right in your face as I walk by. I promise.
Some might think that sounds harsh. After all, he is just following orders; just trying to feed himself and maybe a family. I'll bet he is kind to small animals and children, too.

So what? People like Blogger Bob and his team represent a modern example of how evil becomes banal. They actively defend actions that decent people recognize as wrong. They work to normalize ugly and degrading acts and make them routine. They endeavor to get you to accept being treated like a domestic animal as being "just the way things are".

And they do it with a smug sense of moral superiority.

Billy is right. Blogger Bob and his accomplices deserve no consideration or pity. What they are doing is not a tragic mistake they might be forgiven for. They are institutionalizing the degradation of the citizen and defending it with high sounding rhetoric and scientific charlatanism.

If he were freezing to death, I wouldn't piss on him lest it warm him up a little.


  1. A paid propaganda mouthpiece that we are paying tax dollars to support.


  2. Not Sexual Assault? What?

    Try taking off your damned uniform and doing your "enhanced pat down" to a young girl in front of her father. Try it with the first five people you see at the store tomorrow.

    Try it with my wife and kids, and I'll plant a 2x4 in your face, uniform or no. Consequences or no. This I promise, Jackass.

    Wearing a uniform does not absolve you of anything, Blogger Bob.

    I love Billy Beck.


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