Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Is Bloomberg Lying Again?

Arizona Central reports on the Arizona AG response to the Mayor of NYC soliciting straw purchases of firearms at an Arizona gun show. Of particular interest to me was,
Bloomberg spokesman Jason Post said the sting was carried out by Arizona-based private investigators, not New York City police.

"According to data contained in FBI reports, New York City is the safest big city in the nation, safer than Phoenix," where the per capita rate of major felonies is twice that in New York, Post said.
First, who cares if the straw purchases were made by "Arizona-based" PI's? A straw purchase is a straw purchase.

Second, the artice doesn't describe describe what games Bloomberg or his spokeshole is playing with statistics but, according to the FBI 2009 report on Crime in the United States, Table 6 the City of New York had 46,357 violent crimes and a population of 8,400,907 which equals 552/100K. The City of Phoenix had 8,730 violent crimes in a population of 1,597,397 for a rate or 547/100K. Perhaps in Bloomberg Arithmetic, 547 is twice 552 but even the average public school graduate should be able to see the error. Maybe NYC public school really are that bad -- I wouldn't know and I hope I never have to find out.

OTOH, that kind of figuring could account for the piss-poor financal state of NYC: For every $547 in taxes collected Hizzoner can spend $1,104 and call it even.

OTGH, maybe he is just lying his ass off. Anyone report finding an unattached Mayoral Ass laying arouund?

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  1. You can always tell when Bloomberg is lying-his fuckin' lips move.


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