Monday, October 31, 2011

Alliant's new 300MP powder in a carbine

About four weeks ago one of the local suppliers had some Alliant 300MP powder in stock so I bought a pound to try it out. Alliant lists 18.6 gr as the maximum charge for a 158 gr GDHP which I reduced by 10% to 16.7 gr for a starting load and 17.7 as an intermediate load if the lower load did not indicate any excessive pressure.

I finally got the range on Sunday to test them.

  • Gun = Marlin 1894C 18.5" barrel
  • Bullet = Magtech 158 gr JSP
  • Case = Federal 357 magnum
  • Primer = Winchester Small Pistol
  • Powder = Alliant 300 MP
  • Ambient temperature = 90F (prox)

Results from five measurements (feet/second):

Charge in grains Average Velocity Standard Deviation Maximum Velocity Minumum Velocity
16.7 1675 23 1684 1635
17.7 1765 24 1792 1736

None of the primers or cases showed any more indication of pressure than normal for a 357 magnum. In fact the Amercan Eagle 158 gr JSP (which clocked at almost exactly 1800 fps) had much flatter primers than the 300MP reloads.

All in all I am pretty impressed with the potential of this powder in a carbine.

No accuracy reports yet. About the time I was getting ready to try some guy started banging away with a neutered version of an M1919 and kicked up so much dust I just packed up and went home.

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