Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Million Dollar Gun

Not quite a million but getting close.

1836 Colt Revolver Sets World Record Price For A Single Firearm, Bringing $977,500 At Greg Martin Auctions/Heritage Auctions In Dallas
DALLAS, TX – An exceptional, rare and fine ivory-gripped Texas, or Holster Model No. 5, Paterson Revolver from the Al Cali Collection realized $977,500 as part of Greg Martin Auctions/Heritage Auctions Sept. 18 Signature® Arms & Armor Auction in Dallas, setting a world record price realized for a single Firearm sold at auction.

I've never been a collector of much of anything, much less firearms. If I have a gun I don't want to shoot, I'll sell or trade it to someone who does. Nevertheless, looking at this revolver I can understand, even if I don't share, the desire. This gun is really one beautiful piece of workmanship.

I wonder if a first generation Glock 17 will ever sell to a collector for whatever the equivalent of a million bucks will be in 175 years.

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