Thursday, January 15, 2015

America Needs a Senator like This

A Australian Social Democrat named Gary Burns argued that multiculturalism is the law in Australia. Senator David Leyonjhelm replied with a simple and direct, "Go fuck yourself you communist turd."

"Go F**k Yourself You Communist Turd" Senator Says To Anti-Free Speech Democrat

Good for him.

Judging from the Wikipedia article on him, Leyonjhelm is a libertarian who supports decriminalizing marijuana, legalizing same sex marriage and charging a fee for permanent residency in Australia. He is also pro gun and supports legalizing assisted suicide *.

And he doesn't like communist turds.

* Suicide is legal in Australia but only by your own hand. Apparently, no one is permitted to assist in any way so those too weak to manage the deed alone are sentenced to whatever lingering death nature arranges for them.

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    You don't know the full story. Gary Burns (his real name is Garry Burns - he uses a fake name in court and soon will be in big trouble for it) was really a communist turd in 1978 At Sydney Uni. It's a small world one of my dad's friends went to school with him.

    The dirty little faggot has filed false charges against me as I told my gay stalker since 2009 to go fuck off and stop campaigning for gay marriages in Mosques which is subversion of Islam and punishable by death. He's working with David Shoebridge MP on that one. See this:

    He's really going to be screwed over in the operation prospect inquiry as is Deputy Comissioner Catherine Burns. The whole story is here:


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