Sunday, January 25, 2015

Yes, There are Stupid Atheists

Sean Gangol outlines a few of the reasons I rarely associate with mainstream atheism. Too often they let their cognitive biases dictate their political opinions. In doing so they quickly turn politics into war and arguments into amoral soldiers. Victory for their side then becomes more important than accuracy. This attitude stands in opposition to general methods for good decision-making.

The Atheist Experience Folly

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  1. Atheists are always stupid from what I've seen. They claim not to believe in God, but the idea of apes turning into humans they believe completely. Have you ever seen apes give birth to humans, has anyone ever seen it? These skulls of apemen they scrounge up in Africa, in a place where apes and humans coexist coincidentally, are found in pieces and glued together. This is science? This sounds like something P.T. Barnum would do. There's also an amazing lack of skeletons to go along with these skulls. Oh, by the way, DNA has proven humans are not directly related to any known apes. Gee that seems somewhat significant huh? Also, some humans have Neanderthal DNA which seems to prove its not a human but a different species coexisting with man.
    And, there's that annoying thing where these amazing skeptics who refuse to acknowledge the existence of God or gods to eat up like candy any claims of superintelligent aliens like in Arthur C. Clarkes' 2001 series. Remember the movie where the artifact is a dark obelisk that hums and teaches apemen to survive by eating meat and killing their opponents. How the Hell is this different from the concept of gods? Omniscient beings and superintelligent aliens seem remarkably similar to me. Didn't 2010 the movie have the superintelligent aliens creating a new sun and world? That sure seems godlike huh? These superintelligent aliens are obviously just New Gods for poindexters who don't like the Old Ones!


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