Thursday, July 9, 2009

DIY Speed Loader for 22 rifle tube magazines

For trips to the range I have one of the fancy speed loaders like this on from Cabelas or Cheaperthandirt

At home I sometimes need to quickly load specialty ammo like CB caps or SSS so I keep a few in homemade "speed loaders".

  1. Straw or other tube large enough to let a 22 round slide freely. (Any tube with an appropiate inside diameter will work. I have a couple made from sections of an old aluminum arrow)
  2. Used foam ear plug.
  3. White glue.

  1. Put few drops of white glue on the inside surface of the straw.
  2. Compress the ear plug and insert it about 1/2" into the straw.

  3. Let the earplug expand and set the assembly aside.
  4. Let the glue dry overnight.
  5. Clip the exposed part of the earplug off.
  6. Fill with the desired ammunition and use the remainder of the earplug to cap the end.

To load your 22 rifle:
  1. Pull out the magazine follower.
  2. Uncap the straw.
  3. Upend the straw spilling the ammunition into the magazine tube.
  4. Replace the follower.

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