Sunday, July 5, 2009

Looking to be Offended?

Dr Boyce: Yes, The Transformers Movie Was Quite Racist
Meet Skids and Mudflap, two Transformers who may as well have been called Lil Wayne and Random Black Male idiot. One of them actually has a gold grill, and neither of them can read. They are bungling buffoons and cowards with barely an ounce of intelligence. One of them rides around as an Ice cream truck with the words "suck my popsicle" on the side, yelling "get your ice cream bitches" to those who might want to buy from his dirty little truck. They also remind you in every other sentence that you are a "punk ass bitch" and that they want to "bust a cap in your ass."

I tried to see his point but understanding just doesn't happen. One of the characteristics of the Transformers is they learn about human culture thru TV and Radio. Skids and Mudflap seem to have been over exposed to Hip Hop and Rap. If there is any intended message -- and I doubt there is -- they are an indictment of an entertainment industry that turns violence and ignorance into cardinal virtues and cash cows.

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