Saturday, July 11, 2009

Do Californians really want to keep their guns?

Fighting the law-abiding doesn't fight crime.
For years now, gun control has succeeded in back-door confiscations by restricting and punishing ammunition the type of ammunition, type of weapon, where it can be carried, owned or changed, then the regulation of ammo, then the amount you can buy and how you must qualify for that. Nothing new, just more of the same. Why? Because it works in Europe. It’s not supposed to work their either, but it depends on what you’re trying to get working. Gun control or Safety? You'll never have both.
More guns are sold in California than any other state. Estimates put the number of legal gun owners in the State at somewhere over 10 million. In a state with an estimated 23 million eligible voters (not all of whom are registered), gun owners represents the single largest potential voting block in the State. If those gun owners made it plain that they will vote against any incumbent who
  1. Votes for an antigun bill or

  2. Against a progun bill.
The onerous gun laws in California would disappear in a decade or less.

People get the government they deserve. In California gun owners are getting it good and hard. If they want it otherwise they will have to stop presenting their naked rumps like a bunch of whipped chimpanzees.

If you want to stand erect like free men and women the first thing to do is straighten your spine.

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