Friday, February 12, 2010

Prepare for Martial law; Go to Jail.

 Over at the LRC Blog, William Grigg post an article about a man whose firearms were confiscated apparently because his wife reported he believed that martial law was imminent.
Since it is unacceptable for people to believe that government agents will carry out paramilitary raids to confiscate firearms, a paramilitary force was sent to Girard’s home to confiscate his firearms.
Damn!  I guess I'd better buy La Esposa a box of candy for Valentine's Day.

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  1. This case is a bit more complicated than appears. The person in question clearly has become unhinged beyond the "norm". His wife is a Psychiatrist and would know.
    However, the cops did the usual, lookie at all the bad guns thing which made this case newsworthy.


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