Friday, February 26, 2010

The Puritans Are at it Again

In the middle of the worst depression since the 1930's, the California Legislature has decided that cuss words are an vitally important issue.
The state Assembly passed a resolution Thursday that would establish the first week of March as "Cuss Free Week" throughout the state. If approved by the Senate next week, the measure would take effect immediately.

The resolution includes no enforcement mechanism and is simply meant to promote greater harmony and connectedness, said Assemblyman Anthony Portantino, a Democrat from La Canada Flintridge and co-author of the measure.
Read the rest at Fox News

After witnessing years of deficits and the massive debt load created, I concluded there is very little intelligence life in the California Legislature. None if which seems to leak into whatever the majority happens to be at any given time.

F**king Puritans.

Billy Beck, of course, has an appropiate response
That'll be the day: when I respect any resolution of civility from a goddamned felon-in-waiting.
So does Rick O'Connell (From "The Mummy"):
Evelyn: You were actually at Hamunaptra?
Rick: Yeah, I was there.
Evelyn: You swear?
Rick: Every damn day.

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