Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Principles Matter

At the War on Guns David Codrea references a comment to his latest Examiner Column
Alfaross - Why does anyone need a gun? Get them out of every society. Anybody who thinks that you need a gun for protection should wake up to themselves and look at how many people are killed by guns. There is something seriously wrong with humanity.
Debunking this foolishness is shooting fish in barrel for anyone with a reasonable knowledge of reality and the history of gun control. However, I doubt a reasoned argument will ever change Alfaross' mind.

When a person has wildly different principles there is little profit in discussing his conclusions with him. He sees the same evidence but, just as each of us does, he interprets it through his personal world view.

It's like the story of the paleontologist who finds a brand new fossil with characteristics of two closely related genera. When he publishes his finding, the evolutionary biologist sees a exciting new transitional fossil; the creationist looks at it and sees two more gaps in the fossil record.

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