Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Blood Dancer Speaks

Some one with the mouth filling moniker of Jenna Myers Karvunidis is not keeping up with current events. In a column for Chicago Now entitled Ohio school shooting: Time to ban handguns, guys she comments on the recent GFSZ shooting in Ohio writing,

Think about it. What is the purpose of a gun? Gun proponents will say the bad guys already have them anyway, so we all need to have access to protect ourselves and prevent more crime. Really? Tell me how many of the other students in that classroom today had a gun to protect themselves.

Apparently Ms. Karvunidis is unaware that schools from Kindergarten through the Twelfth grade are legally designated as gun free zones. The students and teachers are disarmed by laws ironically enforced by men with guns. They were not allowed the means to shoot back. This appears to be a good thing from her point of view.

At first I was tempted to be generous and assume this is just ignorance of science and history on her part. It may turn out she really is that uneducated but the tone of her article and her responses to some of the criticisms of her column prompt me to believe she just enjoys the opportunity to get on a soapbox and demand her fellow citizens be more tightly controlled -- doubtlessly by the aforementioned men with guns. This makes it logical that she support the existence and expansion of of Gun Free Zones. Such places are easy pickings for the violent and each new outrage perpetrated against disarmed victims provides more blood for her and her equally sick friends to dance in.

She should stick to spiked heels and white lipstick. They go well with an empty head.

H/T to Mike Vanderboegh over at Sipsey Street Irregulars who has his own take on the subject.

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