Sunday, February 26, 2012


I just heard about this:

So here's the plan: on Thursday, March 1, we will engineer a stratospheric spike in the number of free Kindle downloads of Enemies Foreign And Domestic, and continue this operation for up to five days, the max allowable under the terms of the free download program. Then we will sit back and watch the bewildered and alarmed MSM explore this sudden and frightening phenomenon erupting among the unwashed gun nuts and wild-eyed Constitution fanatics. You know, us. Real Americans, out here in fly-over countery[sic].

Sounds like a good idea. The book is already discounted to $0.00 for members of Amazon Prime so it has probably pretty much run its course in sales. Now the author is offering a chance for all Kindle owners to get the book for the same low price and to tweak the beard of the Res Nostrae and its sycophants -- a endeavor ever near and dear to my anarchist heart.

See you all at Amazon on March 1.

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