Thursday, February 23, 2012

Good Cause for a CCW.

A Pennsylvania judge recently ruled it is apparently OK for a Muslim to attack an atheist. Considering the number of Muslims in the United States this callous attitude should be good cause for an atheist to get a concealed weapons permit.

Yeah, I know it probably won't work.

In a civilized world, no one should need a to get permission from any official parasite to carry a weapon -- openly or concealed. OTOH, a civilized people would not tolerate someone being attacked for peaceably making fun of others' beliefs -- no matter how tasteless. The aforementioned decision reveals that at least one judge officially does not want this to be a civilized world. As I've contended for years now, freedom in the statist world is often found at the intersection of dumb and dumber. This decision certainly looks like that address.

H/T toThe Unwanted Blog

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  1. You just can't tell which headlines are from the Onion and which headlines are from the real news.

    That said, if the attack consisted of grabbing and sissy slapping the way it sounds, I'd be embarrassed to report it as an assault. But the fact is that there is no caveat the first amendment that says "...unless it is offensive to muslims."


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