Thursday, December 10, 2009

Is There Intelligent Life on Earth?

Cleveland Gun Rights Examiner, Daniel White reports,
Students at the University of Colorado are being told by campus police that their planned game of "Humans vs. Zombies" must be canceled because of a campus ban on toys that look like guns.

The planned game would divide participants into "humans" and "zombies" with the human team defending themselves with NERF guns. Campus police "[fear] they could be painted to look like a real weapon and someone could become alarmed and notify authorities, who would have to respond."
CU campus police shut down NERF game

Are Colorado University students really this stupid? Is it true that the students cannot tell this:
from this:

or this:

Maybe it is true.

It become more obvious with each incident like the above that "zero tolerance" is the the wrong term for this behavior. It should be, instead, "zero intelligence". If the trend continues, the answer to the great question, "Is there intelligent life on Earth?", will soon become painfully obvious:

"Not any more."

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