Tuesday, December 15, 2009

What if there is a fire?

From The West Seattle Herald
It is a fine thing to have a watchdog monitoring our constitutional rights. Bob Warden is to be commended for ensuring that our right to carry our concealed weapons everywhere is protected. The audacity of Mayor Nickels in trying to keep guns out of city parks and recreational areas has to be condemned and overturned.
How can our children and grandchildren’s safety be guaranteed on the playfields and in the swimming areas in the city unless anyone who chooses to carry a gun there has that right. No one should have their Second Amendment rights infringed at any time. It would be like limiting someone’s freedom speech to yell “fire” in a crowded theater as a joke.
Oh, right. You can limit the right of free speech in cases like that. Well, thank goodness the state doesn’t allow such limitations on guns. Way to go Bob.
Bruce Colwell
1220 SW 132nd Lane

If there is a fire I can choose to warn others by shouting "fire!"   When there is a threat to life and limb I can choose to use a firearm to stop it.   What the idiot above is really advocating (admittedly, he may not be smart enough to understand this) is to deprive citizens of the right to make those choices.  That is not a limitation on a right it is the complete abrogation of it.

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