Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Killer Empowerment Zones

From a posting at Spartan Cops
Killer Empowerment Zones

“Killer Empowerment Zones”© are more commonly known as “Gun-Free” zones by the “Reality-Challenged”. The Utopian intent of course, is a delusion that the law, or warning signs at a public facility will be sufficient to protect the public. The otherwise perfectly legal concealed weapon civilians are disarmed and rendered as defenseless as everyone else. While this Utopian theory has no validated tracking history of success, it certainly has a documented record of failure. Even as we concede that the Utopians may deserve an “A” for their good intentions, they certainly have earned an “”F” as in FATAL for ACTUAL results.

KMZ: Unintended Consequences are Fatal

The consequence of disarming the law-abiding public is the creation of a zone that is perfectly designed for the health, welfare and safety of the mass murderer. He is virtually guaranteed that a law-abiding public will have no realistic ability to protect themselves or others. The active killer has been given a cart-blanche opportunity to decide who and how many die, almost as if he wrote the law supporting gun free zones himself. These zones are very attractive to him!
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Killer Empowerment Zones. Great summation of the real world consequences of restricting the rights of the individual to protect himself.

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