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19 April 2010: Bring Your Sidearms and Longarms To The Banks of the Potomac

Originally seen at Western Rifle Shooters and later at Sipsey Street Irregulars

The latest on the April 19th "Restore The Constitution" rally on the Potomac:

As it stands now, [the above] is how I plan on attending the Restore the Constitution rally on 4-19 at Ft. Hunt and Gravelly Parks.

Pistol loaded, openly carried. Rifle unloaded, slung to rear. Bandoleer of magazines containing ammo. All in accordance with rules below. Please note that guidelines below are subject to final coordination with the Department of the Interior:

Participants and attendees are expected to know and abide by all applicable state and federal firearms laws. None of the information provided below is legal advice, and no attorney-client relationship is created by reading or relying upon this information. If you have questions, then you are expected to know the applicable state and federal firearms laws before attending the event.

Anyone prohibited from possessing a firearm by state or federal law may not possess a firearm at this event.

Participants and attendees may not bring any firearm prohibited by state or federal law.

1. ALL rifles and shotguns carried by participants at this event are to be unloaded (chamber empty, no magazine inserted, no ammo inside the rifle or shotgun, no ammo touching the rifle or shotgun whatsoever) and slung to the rear or to the side, away from the hands.

Although the law does allow for carry of some types of loaded rifles and some types of shotguns in some circumstances, our guidelines are simpler and more strict due to the relative novelty of this event and the high level of attention it is likely to receive from law enforcement, government, and the media.

2. While we do ask that your rifles and shotguns be unloaded, you are perfectly welcome to carry ammunition and loaded magazines on your person if you so choose, so long as no magazines are actually inserted into rifles and so long as you are not prohibited from owning a firearm.

3. Open carry of a loaded pistol is allowed.

Concealed carry of a pistol is allowed for those with a valid Virginia concealed handgun permit or a concealed handgun permit from a state for which Virginia allows concealed carry in Virginia (See the Virginia State Police’s website for a list of those states; we do not vouch for the authenticity or accuracy of that list).

Anyone carrying their pistol openly or concealed cannot have in it a magazine capable of holding over 20 rounds and cannot have a pistol designed to accept a silencer or suppressor.

Participants and attendees are required to keep all pistols holstered. Participants and attendees are required to keep all rifles/shotguns slung over their shoulder, muzzle-down, unloaded, with the safety on, and with no magazine inserted. Brandishing of firearms is prohibited by Virginia law. Under Virginia Code Section 18.2-282, it is unlawful for any person to (a) point, hold, or brandish any firearm in such a manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another or (b) hold a firearm in a public place in such a manner as to reasonably induce fear in the mind of another being shot or injured. Do not engage in any horseplay, demonstration of firing positions, or exchange of or other handling of firearms at Fort Hunt, Gravelly Park, or any other location or vehicle of transportation associated with this event.

By federal law, firearms are prohibited in federal facilities (defined by federal law as a building or part thereof owned or leased by the federal government, where federal employees are regularly present for the purpose of performing their official duties).

Do not transport a loaded rifle or shotgun in any vehicle on any public street, road, or highway during this event.

Participants and attendees are not to consume, possess, or be under the influence of alcohol or illegal substances at this event.

Again, these guidelines are, as of now, subject to final coordination with the Department of the Interior.

More info asap.

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I won't be there but I wish them all the best of luck.

I only acquired an EBR -- a Enterprise Arms FAL -- a month ago and I'm still getting used the weird handling. That pistol grip is a real pain in the arse to an old rifle shooter like me. I guess if you start out with one it's OK but it changes the whole ergonomics. It's almost like starting all over again. Some of the skills transfer but positions that are perfectly natural with a rifle are impossible with the pistol grip and big-assed magazine in the way.

Also, I don't own a pistol except for a couple of 22's. I have plenty of revolvers but I don't think a bolt or lever action slung across my back and a 357 revolver at my hip will have quite the desired effect.

(Edited on 03/09/2010 at 23:00 to add)

Quite a few poster at the two sites referenced above are criticizing the organizers of this protest.

Fair enough.  If you don't think this gathering will do any good then try something better.  You all think you're the inheritors of the Sons of Liberty so go break some windows, vandalize the houses of Loyalists,  tar and feather some bureaucrats.  The original Sons of Liberty did that and more before the real fighting broke out.

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