Monday, March 29, 2010

Don't Blame Obama, Blame Star Trek.

The Unwanted Blog has an unusual tongue-in-cheek explantion for the current mess in DC. He blames the replacing of the character Kes in Star Trek:Voyager with Seven of Nine played by Jeri Ryan.
Long story short, Jeri Ryan’s work on Voyager contributed to her getting a divorce. The divorce eventually led to Jack Ryan dropping out of a Senate race, which was then easily won by Barack Obama who used it as a springboard to the White House.
One of the lessons to be learned:
1) If the selection of a space-elf only a few years old to be the sex symbol on a Star Trek series can have massive and completely unpredictable long-term real-world consequences… then any long-term plan that relies on the future being predictable in detail stands a damned good chance of failing spectacularly.
Good advice. Too many folks who think an economy can be planned see the present situation as standing alone. They rob it of context and use it a starting point rather than a part of a history.

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