Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Puritans are Still At It!

This time it's in New Jersey.
RAHWAY --She was a frosty Venus de Milo, but one Rahway family’s snow-packed tribute to the Greek goddess of love and beauty was another person’s pornography.

Maria Conneran and her family worked feverishly to fashion their armless, nude snowlady from last week’s heap of snow, grabbing attention and photographs on Rahway’s Colonia Boulevard.
Not all the attention was good, however.

Among the visitors was a patrolman dispatched to the Conneran household after Rahway police received an anonymous complaint "of a naked snow woman," said Sgt. Dominick Sforza.
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Can there actually be a person alive today who has never seen the Venus De Milo? Un-phucking-believable!

That last remark is for the assholes in California

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