Monday, March 22, 2010

Billy Beck on the Republican Party Hopes

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I, for one, don't give a damn in the world who is the black-hat on some simpleton's scorecard in the wake of this. What I care about is what real, live individual human beings are going to have to live through under this atrocity. I don't give a runny shit about the prospect of Republicans' political profit at the polls: they can all go to hell unless and until they swear their lives, fortunes and sacred honor to ridding me of these commissars, and; I would not thank them for doing it, for it is only the right thing.

The Republicans have not had a single morally probative principle under them in all of the fifty-three years that I have been alive. They have been passively complicit in this whole disaster every step of the way, in their spineless stupidity, and I wouldn't care if they ended up painting Nancy Pelosi's toenails and feeding her bon-bons for the rest of their worthless lives.

Don't hand me any Novembers, god damn you. I will have freedom, or you will have my everlasting hatred. You and your stupid fucking polls.

Drop dead, and hurry up.
Amen to that.

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