Monday, September 6, 2010

Bigfoot's Connection to 9/11

Brian Trent the National Independent Examiner writes aboutFaked moon landings, creationists, and 9-11 truthers. However, in his seach for rationality, he misses completely the connection between Bigfoot and the incidents of 9/11.

Of course Bigfoot exists. More accurately there are small breeding populations of a hominid species living in some isolated places of the world. The most common names given to them are are "bigfoot" and "yeti". They remained mostly hidden because the psionic abilities they normally use to confuse and control prey animals can also be used on human beings. A group of at least 22 such bigfoots captured at considerable expense during the late 1990's are living at a hidden government base in Nevada (not area 51, that is a red herring) where they use Hieronymus Amplifiers to extend their normal range to implant suggestions in human minds over distances of several thousand miles.

The 9/11 hijackers were contolled by the this Bigfoot Corp. While continuous control over more than a few minutes is extremely difficult, certain mindsets -- among which are religious fanatics -- are highly susceptible to suggestion. Once a suggestion in implanted, the susceptible individual become single minded in carrying out "orders" needing only an occasional nudge to keep them on track. Once the operation was under way using fanatical Islamists, the BC prepared for the diversion of fighter aircraft. After the hijackings they sowed confusion in the military and civilian government by "suggesting" contradictory orders or information making it easier for the hijacked planes to reach their targets.

After the attack the BC was used sparingly but very effectively to divert attention from the truth by spreading confusion about events -- mostly through the news media. Shortly thereafter they implanted suggestions in susceptible minds about how to interpret the evidence focusing on creating contradictory narratives.

Some humans possess a recessive gene pair that enables them to detect the tampering. With a little practice such persons can become immune to the Bigfoot Effect. It is a rare trait estimated to exist in between one person in 100,000 and one in 1,000,000. However, the growth in DNA databases has made it possible to determine which persons have the ability so the BC handlers -- which must have the gene pair -- can plan ahead to avoid direct interference with such detectors.

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