Thursday, September 30, 2010

Did IQ's just suddenly drop?

Maybe they did in Zimbabwe.

The authorities in Bulayayo are now demanding that all residents "present their firearms and licences [sic] to their nearest police stations". Residents with licensed but malfunctioning firearms are being asked to turn those guns over to the police. The official reason for this is a recent "spate" of armed robberies. Assistant Inspector Bekimpilo Ndlovu is quoted as saying,
"We also call upon all those in possession of licensed firearms whose functions have since ceased to hand them over to the police," Asst Insp Ndlovu said.

"We expect maximum co-operation from all firearm holders as we seek to eliminate unlicensed firearms that are usually used to commit crimes like armed robberies and murder."
Got that? The goal is to eliminate unlicensed firearms. The means the authorities choose is to harass the owners of licensed firearms and confiscate any non-working guns.

Got stupid?

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H/T to David Codrea

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  1. IQs didn't suddenly drop in Zimbabwe or anywhere. They've been very low for a very long time.

    Back around 1996, "The Resister", an extremely unofficial publication by some Special Forces guys, advised gun owners in "buyback" areas to run bogus for sale ads on their guns. By the time the 'authorities' come around, "the gun will have been sold to an untraceable buyer".

    Whether that will work in Zimbabwe, with probable license-transferring laws, is another story. If I had any contacts there, I'd tell them about the idea, but I don't.



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