Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The Tactical Judge

In recent years I discovered that Taurus produces some pretty good revolvers at a reasonable price. I have a model 66 with a 6" bbl that I honestly consider to be almost as good as my S&W 686. The word "almost" is an important part of the above recommendation but at about half the price it's a very attractive alternative for the shooter who cannot afford S&W goodness.

The Judge, IMO, is not one of the better ideas to come out of Taurus. However it must be very popular because they now have a "tactical" version.

Make if it what you will but I admit I just don't get it.


  1. No matter how they dress it up, buckshot is worthless out of a rifled barrel-and a smoothbore pistol is in NFA territory, thus making this an excellent example of asinine regulations interfering with what could be a workable defense platform.

  2. Seems everyone is getting in on the tacti-cool game. I can dig the porting on the barrel - it may help keep the nose down. But you won't find me hanging more weight from the snout of The Judge. Mine resides at my bedside and is plenty heavy enough as it is.


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