Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Not Your Founders' Sam Adams

David Codrea has some comments on a recent Oregonian Editorial defending new restriction on gun rights proposed by Portland Mayor Sam Adams.

I don't think I have to tell the readers of David's column that the mayor's proposals are just another attempt by anti-rights politicians to burden the peaceable gun owner while offering nothing in return.

There is a lesson here for the politicians and the increasingly anti-rights police: The Second Amendment exists and has been incorporated. If you examine the history of selective incorporation you will see that, once a part of the Bill of Rights is incorporated, the protected right will be expanded by the courts. The politicians and police need to deal with that or find work at McDonald's. It will be a hard road to gain the lost trust but gun owners will help to curb criminal use of firearms if the politicians and police will work with them in good faith. The proposed laws from the Mayor of Portland are not in good faith and gun owners know it.

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