Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Disobey an Unjust Law

The extortions and oppressions of government will go on so long as such bare fraudulence deceives and disarms the victims – so long as they are ready to swallow the immemorial official theory that protesting against the stealings of the archbishop’s secretary’s nephew’s mistress’ illegitimate son is a sin against the Holy Ghost.
-- HL Mencken

A day late and a dollar short but...

Garry Reed, Libertarian News Examiner suggests that we honer the memory of Martin Luther King by disobeying an unjust law on the day designated in his honor.  That doesn't mean unintentionally breaking a law you don't know exists.  With literally million of pages of laws and regulations with the force of law everyone living in America does that everyday.  The purpose of this exercises is to intentionally disobey a law you do know exists.

We are conditioned almost from birth to obey the law.  Where laws criminalize those actions sane people know are wrong anyways that is probably a good thing.  However, the law has metastasized to encompass behavior that harms no one but the actor.  In many cases it only barely conceals that it is a revenue generating tool for the state.  In that case, it will be even better if you can keep up lawbreaking for the other 364 days of the year.

So start now to break the habit of obedience.  Set off a firecracker, mix some plastic cups in with the grass clipping on trash day, drive over the speed limit, import a standard capacity magazine into California, don't stop at the red light on the freeway on-ramp.  There are so many silly and stupid laws that if you are not breaking at least two a day you are just not living right.

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