Thursday, January 20, 2011

Gov Bently Apologizes

Fox News report's that Robert Bently, incoming Governor of Alabama, said in a speech on Jan 17 at the Dexter Avenue Memorial Baptist Church that those who "...haven’t accepted Jesus Christ as their savior, they are not his brother or his sister.." Two days later, he apologized for that remark.

Embrace your Brothers and Sisters in Christ on Monday; Apologize for it on Wednesday. That sounds like politics as usual

It is only natural for a Christian politician to pander to other Christians.  Ever since Constantine co-opted Christianity to the service of the state, Christianity has been a source of political power.  The influence of any one sect was greatly reduced by the fragmentation of the Reformation but, locally, organized Chrstianity is still a reliable and important source of power. Politics and politicians are all about power so never forget that Bently is a politician. That means if his lips are moving the smart money is betting he is lying.

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