Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Demonstrating Absurdity

By being absurd.

Few activists generate as many absurd and outrageous claims as the anti-liberty extremists in the VD(?) movement. One of the most recent of those is the characterization of the Glock pistol as a "Killing Machine". Personally, I have little use for a Glock even if does appeal to my "Mall Ninja Bump". However, for reasons I think that are both good and bad, it is undeniably a popular gun and I think the negative publicity it gets is part of it. So, in the spirit of no publicity being bad publicity I offer my inspirational parody of Business Week and BMW:


  1. I think part of both the glock's success and revilement is the mythology that surrounds it. It's name is convenient for gangster rap lyrics (better put away the shotgun got me a glock take a little trip to the funky weed spot tried to jack me but only got shot la la la la la la la la) and rumors persist that because it is a metal gun with like 2% plastic by weight that it can get past any form of detection. It's "clip" is roughly infinity plus one and it is specially designed around some kind of magic plastic "cop killa" bullets.

  2. I think you have a point LiB. I don't discount the influence on television and popular culture on peoples buying decisions. There is good reason corporations pay money to have their products placed in movies or TV shows. Hell, if the hollyweirdos were smart they'd try to sell placement to the gun manuacturers instead of giving free advertising.

    Of course we could have ended up with Vic Mackey or Jack Bauer carrying a Judge.


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