Monday, January 3, 2011


Roberta X, tongue firmly planted in cheek, is trying to generate some traffic by bashing Glocks on the anniversary of the 1911.

Personally my preferences in the 45 ACP caliber run to something like a S&W 625 or a Ruger Blackhawk depending on the place and nature of the crime. I also have a couple of 1911's and a P220. However, most of the time I just carry a S&W 686+ and/or a 442.

The only Glock I ever had was a G17 I bought circa 1989(?) and sold about a year later. I never could get used to the size of the grip and I didn't like the finger grooves. I once had a Fanboy tell me that the Glocks were such a superior gun that it didn't matter whether it fit me or not: I should just adapt myself to it. Either that or or spend about $300 to $400 and have the grip modified to fit my hand.

Maybe they really are that good. I just don't think so.

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