Friday, May 28, 2010

Chicago Gun Ban Fails!

One of the goals unintended consequences of gun control is to make it easier for the criminals to kill gun owners. That failed to work as intended in Chicago recently.
As an 80-year-old Army veteran, his wife and great-grandson slept in their Humboldt Park home just before dawn Wednesday, a would-be burglar busted a basement window, crawled over discarded bikes and paint buckets, and made his way up winding stairs to an enclosed porch.

The intruder -- who police said wore stockings over his hands to keep from leaving prints -- wiggled the brass doorknob of the locked door that led to the first-floor apartment, but it didn't open, the family said. He then turned to the oversized glass window of the 80-year-old's bedroom, pulled out his gun and shot, police and family said.

But just as the man got off a second round, the homeowner, who had a handgun of his own, fired a single shot, killing the intruder, a police source said.

"He missed, (but) my daddy didn't," said the 80-year-old's son, Butch Gant, who lives upstairs in the two-flat in the 600 block of North Sawyer Avenue.
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As often happens when the honest citizen is armed, the bad guy was shot and one less thug is free to ply his trade.

Mayor Daley claims he doens't knew if the man will be charged. When
[a]sked about the possibility of charges, the mayor ended a news conference he had called about summer curfew in the city.

"I don't know. Thank you very much," Daley said and stepped away from the microphone.
I'll just bet Hizzoner doesn't know what to do. This is lose/lose. If he lets this slide, his gun ban becomes an even bigger joke that it already is. If he prosecutes then he'll be making it plain that self defense by the honest is de facto illegal in the Duchy of Chicago. In either case, this incident is just more evidence that Daley cannot sustain the illusion he controls the streets and that terrifies him.

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