Monday, May 17, 2010

Is the "Showtime Effect" Killing Children?

Latest from William Grigg
The Death of Aiyana Jones: "Showtime Syndrome" Claims a Child

Read it and ponder that over 100 SWAT raids happen everyday in America. One quibble I have with is report is that:
the SRT paramilitaries chose a Fallujah-style "dynamic entry," hurling a flash-bang grenade through a closed window and storming through the front door with guns drawn.
It's only anecdotal but I've been told by some ex-servicemen who were in Fallujah that the tactics being employed by SWAT teams like the one in the Detroit raid would not be be tolerated by the military.

Other than that I think Grigg is dead on with his assessment.

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  1. Here is my main problem with the whole "Dynamic entry first" thing-any mother fucker can yell "Police" and if someone is kicking down my door I don't exactly have time to check his bag number.

    Motherfucker kicks down my door better get me in the first burst. I'll be sorry if it's a cop.



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